When I was asked to write an about us page. I thought I’d be stuck on what do I tell everyone about Sugar my nails and how it got started.

Well here I go!

I was involved in many business in the past and loved everything I did, but about 8 years ago I sold a business that I was very passionate about because I wasn’t well. Once I recovered and felt like a normal human again, I started feeling the loss of my store and the mourning began. (what have I done? Why did I sell? And so on and so on I was just feel sorry for my self, and my husband was getting tired of my moping.

That’s when he came up with the bright idea “why don’t you learn how to do nails”. I thought about it for 30 seconds and said NO thank you. True I love getting my nails done and getting pampered but pampering someone else’s UH NO….. not for me.

Well that was the last time you would ever hear me say “not for me”. How wrong was I. I started travelling all over Canada and the USA and learned from the best of the best. I became obsessed with nails and nail art some say I was possessed by the nail Gods.

How true were they, I could never get enough of purchasing nail products. I had to have everything on the market, every colour of everything.

So that’s how the idea of Sugar my nails started. I didn’t know where to start so I took the route of selling my products on Etsy. Well I was absolutely overwhelmed as to how well received my products was, I was getting 100’s of orders weekly.

But I didn’t have full control of what I could or couldn’t sell and Etsy takes control of your site.
Not for me….. so Etsy and I parted ways and decided to go independent.

I’m here to bring you the latest and greatest nail products I can find.

I custom make decals and take custom orders.

Anything you want me to bring in I probably will. Cause you can’t control an addict.

Well that’s my story.

I hope you enjoy my creation and my products as much as I do. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions or recommendations

Thank you for reading


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