Sticky Pad Refill 3-50 sheet pads
Designed for removing excess polish from your jelly stamper head! Pads measure 8 x 8 cm and fit the plastic holder! 3 x 50 sheet sticky pads
$7.25 $6.50
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Credit Card style scraper - Halo
  The same scraper that ships with our Bling - Cubed Stamper. Firm, yet flexible! (Make sure you prime your scrapers with a block buffer for a perfect scrape!) 3 pack
$7.25 $6.52
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CjS Nail Art Mat- The Lesley
  Protect the surface you use with your gorgeous *new* CjS Nail Art Mat!  Our nail art mats are perfect for almost every kind of nail art you can imagine AND look gorgeous as a photo or video backdrop! So......
$16.00 $14.40
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Smear Not - Smudge Resistant Top Coat 10ml
  SAVE your art! You've just spent ages triple stamping a masterpiece on to your nails... Don't risk destroying them with your top coat! Our Water based Top Coat is the answer! Smear resistant Top Coat is the perfect solution for stamping...
$12.25 $11.00
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Rosie's Big Sis Luxury Dust Brush
  This gorgeous, long handled brush is very dense in bristles. It’s substantial rose colored handle is quite luxurious! Wonderful for dust removal!  
$16.00 $14.40
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CjS Polish Thinner
  Did your stamping polish suddenly stop lifting? Have your stamping polishes gotten thick? We now have CjS polish thinner to the rescue. A few drops will do the trick! Dropper included! 10ml
$7.75 $6.97
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CjS Mixing Marbles
  Mixing Marbles are here! Stainless steel mixing marbles to pop into your polishes to help with mixing! Just pop in 2 and shake till your hearts content! Voila... MUCH easier to mix any polish! Each Package Contains 100 marbles...
$7.50 $6.75
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Chrome Dust Brush #4
  We LOVE Chrome pigments but the fine shimmery dust gets into EVERYTHING!! This beautiful, compact dust brush is perfect for the gentle removal of excess pigment after application and will keep your regular dust brushes clean!   NOTE: Be...
$12.00 $10.80
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Stamping Plate cleaner 250ml
Make sure your plate is squeaky clean when you're stamping! Our pina colada scented plate cleaner will do the trick! 250ml *Not recommended for cleaning Jelly Stampers
$10.25 $9.22
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