Sugar My Nails Gel Polish Kits! A One Of A Kind Nail Kit!


A truly one of a kind thing we offer here at sugar my nails are gel polish kits!

We put together the best colour palettes and then group them together to sell as a set, we must say our customers truly love them!

We have 100's of different kits to choose from as well as over 1000 different nail polish colours.

Sugar my nails is known for their great quality nail products at affordable prices, the gel polish we offer is the same, Great quality at a cost that is affordable.

These are definitely a popular product we offer here at sugar my nails and the feedback we have gotten from customers well lets just say they are super impressed by them.

So whatever colour palette you may be looking for, wether it be pinks, blues, greens, purples, nudes etc Sugar my nails has got the right products for you!


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