A introduction to the Sugar My Nails Family & Business


Welcome to our blog! As you can see in the title we will be talking about our brand today and telling all of you a little bit about ourselves and what kind of company we run and some of the amazing products and brands we offer and carry.

Sugar My Nails was started in June 2020 by me, Madi (Former Nail technician). I was obsessed with Nail Art and creating the most unique nails. I would take course after course trying to be the best nail tech I could be. In this process I learned that I wanted to sell nail products and accessories to salons and other nail techs. Thats when Sugar My Nails was born and started. After a huge success on Etsy, I decided to start up my own website and voila here we are today!


Sugar My Nails is a small family of 3. We have Madi, Stephanie (My daughter) and Stephanie (My daughter in law). A small but very hard working team.


I chose to start Sugar My Nails because I wanted to provide affordable nail products that were built to last and the best quality.

Today Sugar my nails has its own Gel Polishes, Glitter, Custom Decals, Nail Stickers ,Foils, Dried Flowers etc. We also carry brands such as Tias Beauty Supply, Queen of Decals, Clear Jelly Stamper and more to come in the future.


This company has only begun and we are so excited to grow and share more products with all you nail obsessed people like ourselves! Thank you for supporting our small business! If you have any questions please feel free to email madi@sugarmynails.com

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